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Why are participation fees determined in this way?

Why are participation fees determined in this way?

Historically,  since the very first mosquito reduction application began in Bakke subdivision, participation fees have been “voluntary” and “equally divided” among the legally defined properties choosing to participate. 

Pursuant to that precedent;

Voluntaty participation fees for each legally defined property may not exceed the amount by which each legally defined property and household benefits from mosquito reduction applications. The voluntary participation fees must be uniformly applied to the participating legally defined properties.

As follows:

• legally defined property is defined within the plat map for Bakke subdivision,

• each legally defined property shall receive mutual benefit from the spray applications,

• each owner may restrict access to certain areas of their legally defined property in writing annually,

• the voluntary participation fee must be uniform among all participating legally defined property,

• participation fees may not exceed the equal and mutual voluntary participation fee,

• use of property or property coordinates shall not increase or decrease the participation fees,

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