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Understanding DJ Skill Level vs Pricing

Living in a Search Engine driven world gives a person the opportunity to compare pricing with relative ease.

However, most search engines were designed with retail items or commodities in mind. Finding a “great deal” can always make you feel good, but, is the DEAL really that good?

Understanding DJ Pricing and Skills can be a daunting task. Perusing websites of DJs becomes confusing by the unending ploys, pitches and schemes that are designed to entice you into making an urgent entertainment choice to fill up some DJs calendar. Calling around or emailing vendors to determine the average price or lowest rate to create your wedding budget, without considering experience and skills, generally speaking, produces wedding disasters.

Two commonly held misconceptions are that all DJs are equally qualified or do the same thing and price is the only determining factor. In reality there are qualified wedding djs and bad wedding djs. Myth-Busting the “just as good as ploy” takes some initiative on your part to dig a little deeper into qualifications and abilities.  This can safeguard you against hiring a nightmare DJ with bogus credentials or embellished experience and talent claims that could potentially ruin your event.

Here are a few tips to help you avoid bogus credentials:

1.  Never hire a DJ that is NOT REGISTERED with the Secretary of State or Tax Department.

ND Secretary of State Business RegistrationsND Law
MN Secretary of State Business RegistrationsMN Law

2.  Demand a copy of an enforce Certificate of Liability Insurance for your records.
3.  Meet in person, whenever possible, to interview potential entertainment.

Illustration Detailing DJ Skill Level vs Pricing

DJ Skill Level vs Price

DJ Skill Level vs Price

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