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DJ Ratings Reviews Comments Testimonials | March

March 3rd | 10 ★ Rating

“Thanks!” – S.Lorentzen

March 7th | 10 ★ Rating

“You guys did a great job again this year! We’ll be contacting you for next years dance! Thank again.” – Girl Scouts

March 15th | 10 ★ Rating Wedding DJ, Detroit Lakes, MN

“Very satisfied! We had lost of fun and our guests enjoyed themselves. Thank you for everything!” – Patty & Brian

March 19th | 10 ★ Rating

“The DJ’s did an excellent job. The made our Retro Dance a huge success!. Thanks!” – K.Engen

March 21st | 10 ★ Rating

“It has been a few years since we had Dude Walker. I’m glad we got you again. Sorry about having such a lame group. EXCELLENT SHOW. Kicked [ omitted Rapid City DJ company name ] Butt. Great mix of sound and music.” – B.Blair SCHS (Advisor C.Melby)

March 25th | 10 ★ Rating

“This was a very successful dance. The announcers did a great job.” – M.Luttswaager

March 26th | 10 ★ Rating

“Very pleased with the job they did.” – B. Rinas | Principal

March 27th | 10 ★ Rating Wedding DJ, Moorhead, MN

“Excellent Job!” – Phyliss & David

March 30th | 10 ★ Rating

“Thanks for a wonderful evening. You guys rocked em’!” – A.Zent

2 Responses to “ DJ Ratings Reviews Comments Testimonials | March ”

  1. Awesome job at our daughters wedding. Polished, professional…. and very fun!

  2. You’re very gracious.

    Your family is a fun group. It’s fun to play for a group that is ready and willing to let their hair down and dance.

    Excellent spring weather to boot!

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