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DJ Ratings Reviews Comments Testimonials | April

April 3rd | 10 ★ Rating Wedding DJ, Fargo, ND

“Excellent! We all had a great time!!!” – Jean & Rod

April 4th | 10 ★ Rating

“They did a wonderful job! The girls had alot of fun. We hope to do this again next year and if we do we’ll certainly have you guys do the music again! Thank You! – L.Wiedmeier | Girl Scouts

April 6th | 10 ★ Rating Wedding DJ, West Fargo, ND

“Our guests commented that it was the best wedding dance they attended. Lots of fun dancing and good music, it was a blast! Thanks for making it happen!” – James & Jill

April 7th | 10 ★ Rating

“Did a great job! Thank you very much. Great contests 🙂 ” – G.Bettendorf

April 8th | Letter

“Dude Walker’s Music On Wheels, Ralph & I want to express our sincere appreciation for the generous donation of your time and talent in helping make the benefit for Ralph a success. We were overwhelmed by the wonderful response and enjoyed the day with our friends and family. Thank you for helping make it so enjoyable.” – Ralph & Kathy

April 9th | 10 ★ Rating

“Perfect!! Everything was perfect! I was very pleased.” – V.Henschel

April 9th | 10 ★ Rating

“We all had a wonderful Prom! Thanks!” – B.James

April 10th | 10 ★ Rating Wedding DJ, Fargo, ND

“Super Job!” – Maggy & Todd

April 17th | 10 ★ Rating Wedding DJ, Fargo, ND

“We had so many compliments on the dance. Many people said it was the funnest wedding dance the had ever been at! Thanks!” – Krista & Travis

April 18th | 10 ★ Rating Wedding DJ, Callaway, MN

“Your company made our wedding something we’ll always treasure.” – David & Gina

April 18th | 10 ★ Rating

“Thanks for coming. You did a great job!! The kids commented that you were much better than last years DJ from Watertown.” – M.Fagan

April 19th | 10 ★ Rating

“Very please with everything.” – L.Nelson

April 21st | 10 ★ Rating

“Good Job!” – D.Eberly

April 22nd | 10 ★ Rating

“There was good music! We loved the fog machine, it mad for a hazy evening. The novelty dances were fun we also loved the exclairs!” – J.Owens

April 22nd | 10 ★ Rating Wedding DJ, Fargo, ND

“Thanks again! We had a wonderful time and you made our evening very enjoyable. We heard nothing but compliments about you from our guests. Thanks!” – Ron & Connie

April 24th | 10 ★ Rating

“Did an excellent job accommodating our students.” – R.Christianson

April 26th | 10 ★ Rating

“Thanks so much! Our Prom dance was a big success!!” – M.Reed

April 26th | 10 ★ Rating Wedding DJ, Barnesville, MN

“Everything went perfect. You were the BEST DJ we evet heard. Thank you for everything!” – Tammy & Kyle

April 26th | 10 ★ Rating Wedding DJ, West Fargo, ND

“He must have been good, the dance floor was packed from the first dance on. I was too busy to much else. Thank you!” – Anne & Collin

April 29th | 10 ★ Rating

“Kept kids here and dancing until the end (which is unusual)” – L.Hartung

April 29th | 10 ★ Rating

“Students and Chaperones were very impressed with variety of music.” – J.Kubik

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