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Prom Theme Ideas

Hollywood Prom Theme - Video VJ DJ Dude Walker
Do you want Magical…or mundane?

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Deciding on the right Prom Themes and Prom Theme Songs can be some of the biggest challenges for most Prom Committees. Start with a Prom Committee Checklist to help you find the right fit for your school and budget. Using a customized Prom Planning Guide to keep your Prom Planning Ideas in focus is important because they compliment each other and the bulk of your decorating is based on your Prom Theme and Prom Theme Song.

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A little brainstorming about the right Prom Theme Name with your Prom Planning Committee can be fun if everyone is open-minded and willing to pitch in! There are numerous Prom Theme Kits to choose from that can easily fit your Prom Theme Party. However, put on your Prom Planner Hat and create a “pro & con” Prom Planning Checklist to help guide you towards the best solution to meet your needs. Prom Places can vary greatly, so narrowing down your Prom Themes and Ideas to fit your Prom Location can help you stay on task and on budget.

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Keep “Green Prom” in mind…and that almost all decorations end up in the trash dumpster. Allocating more of your decorating budget to quality Prom Memorabilia Souvenirs and DJ Entertainment with impressive sound and light shows can stretch your Prom Budget dollars further while saving the environment. This can also save you clean up time. Most Prom goer’s will bring their souvenirs home and your Prom DJ Enterertainment will load out their gear. Keep It Simple…Have Fun!


5 Essential Prom Tips that lead to GREAT PROM COMMENTS!

Tip 1. Great Prom Location
Tip 2. Great Prom DJ’s, Entertainment & Light Show
Tip 3. Great Prom Ideas
Tip 4. Great Prom Memorabilia
Tip 5. Great Prom Decorations

Creating the musical atmosphere to fit your Prom Theme Decorations needs to start early. Having a a few song requests that match your Prom Theme on a Prom Playlist to provide in advance to your Prom Disc Jockey can ensure that your Prom Committee Ideas and Prom Plans are carried out to your liking. Selecting a clean DJ or Video Jockey that can cover the many types of music genres, styles, age groups and school favorites that you many need is essential to your Prom’s success. Focus on your DJ’s experience rather than their age. Generally speaking, younger DJ’s will fall into peer pressure and play only for the select group of people they identify with, whereas, DJ’s with considerably more experience have a wider range of music knowledge and understanding when it comes to helping you create the Prom Dance Experience that you and your Prom Committee have planned.


250+ Popular Prom Theme Names to consider:

We encourage you to add your Prom Theme suggestions below to offer your
Prom Planning Help to other Prom Committees.

007 (James Bond)
50’s Drive Inn
A Dream for Us
A Kiss is Just a Kiss
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
A Night at the Oscars
A Night At The Roxbury
A Night in the Clouds
A Night In Venice
A Night of Mystery
A Night on the Beach
A Night on Treasure Island
A Night to Remember
A Night with the Stars
A Red Carpet Affair
A Stroll down Broadway
A Taste of California
A Taste of International Flavors
A Touch of Class
A Walk in the Clouds
A Wish Come True
Above The City Lights
All That Jazz
An Affair to Remember
An Evening in ( Insert Place )
An Evening of Stars
An Evening of Stars Hollywood
Arabian Nights
Arabian Paradise
At the Hop
At the Hop Drive-In
Before Night Falls Garden
Between Your Heart and Mine
Big Band
Black Tie Prom Theme
Born to Be Wild
Box Office Bliss
Bright Lights Big City
Broadway Backstage
By the Light of the Moon
C’est Si Bon
Can’t Fight the Moonlight
Captured in a Dream
Caribbean Nights
Carnival Prom Theme
Carried Away
Casino de (Insert School Name)
Castle in the Clouds
Caught in the Moment
Cherished Moments
City of Lights
Come What May
Crazy Days & Nights
Cupid’s Ball
Custom Spirit Columns
Dancing by the Starlight
Daring to Dream
Deep Blue Destiny
Depths of Love
Destiny Awaits
Dream Come True
Egyptian Allure
Egyptian Prom Theme
Enchanted Amazon
Enchanted Garden
Enchantment under the Sea
Eternal Elegance
Everything You Want
Fantastic Voyage
Fire and Ice (Worlds Collide)
Fly Me to the Moon
Forever Tonight
Forever Young
From this Moment
Garden of Enchantment
Garden Of Lights
Garden Photo Setting
Glamour and Glitz or the 20’s
Glimmer of Hollywood
Going to Town
Gold Lights of Paris
Got to Believe in Magic
Greek Paradise
Happily Ever After
Heaven in Your Eyes
Heaven on Earth
Heavenly Star Photo Setting
Here’s to the Night
Hit the Jackpot
Hoedown Barn
Hollywood Extravaganza
Hollywood Glamour
Hollywood Grand March
Hollywood Night of the Oscars
Hollywood Nights
Hollywood Premiere
Hollywood Prom
Hollywood Stars
Hooray For Hollywood
Hopelessly Devoted (1950’s)
Horary for Hollywood
Hour of Enchantment
I Believe
I Believe Castle
I could not ask For More
I Promise you the Stars
If only for one Night
I’ll Always Remember You
In The Still of the Night
In Your Arms
Irish Prom Themes
Island Eternal Tropical
It Might Be You
It’s a Jungle Out There
Jungle Allure
Kiss From A Rose
La Noche Romantica
Larger than Life
Let the Good Times Roll
Magic under the Stars
Magical Memories
Make it Last Forever
Mardi gras
Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras Decorating Pack
Masquerade Ball
Masquerade Prom Theme
Memories of Tonight
Memories to Last a Lifetime
Metallic Silver Decorating Pack
Metro Magic
Midnight Cruise
Midnight In Paris
Midsummer Night’s Dream
Midsummer’s Night Garden
Moonlight In Paradise
Moonlight On Mainstreet
Moonlight on the Nile
Moonlight Rendezvous
Moonlit Moment
Moving On
Music of the Night
Mystical Journey
Mystical Twilight
New York New York
Night in New Orleans
Night in the Old West
Night In The Spotlight Hollywood
Night In Times Square
Night In Venice
Night to Remember
Night with the Stars
Nightlife (Insert 20xx Year)
OK Corral
On the Town City
Once Upon a Dream
Once Upon A Time
One More Night
One Sweet Night
One upon a Time
One World
Our Treasured Night
Paint the Town Red
Paradise Awaits
Paris Prom Theme
Parisian Grand March
Parisian Rendezvous
Parisian Romance/Escape
Passport to Romance
Picture Perfect
Pictures From Paris
Polynesian Sunset
Princess Prom
Putting on the Glitz
Pure Imagination
Red Carpet Affair
Remember Me Always
Rendezvous On Bourbon Street
Retro Romance
Rock Around the Clock (1950’s)
Romance and Roses
Romance in the Park
Romantic Grand March
Roulette Wheel Arch
Saturday Night Fever
Save the Last Dance for Me
Saving Forever for You
Send Me to the Moon
Shanghai Moon
Shooting Star Photo Setting
Shores of Venice
Show Me the Meaning
Silver Lights of Paris
Simply Forever
Simply the Best
Snowflake Fantasy
Something to Believe In
Something to Remember
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Sophisticated Venue Decor
Souvenirs of Paris
Space Odyssey
Springtime in Paris
Stand By Me
Star Struck
Starlight Fairytale
Starlit Fairytale
Starry Grand March
Stars On Broadway
Still of the Night
Still the One
Sunset Serenade
Swept Up in You Components
Forbidden City
The Perfect Prom
The Way You Love Me
These are the Times
These Are the Times (1960’s)
This Magic Moment
Time after Time
Time of My Life
Tonight is the Night
Tonight Tonight
Tonight’s Dream…Tomorrow’s Memory
Treasure Bay
Tropical Paradise
Twilight In Central Park
Twist the Night Away 1950’s
Under the Sea
Under The Stars
Underwater Paradise
Viva Las Vegas
Voices That Care
Waiting for Tonight
Waltz under the Blue Moon
Water Prom Themes
What Dreams May Come
When Stars Collide
When Stars Fall
When You Believe
White Night
Wild West
Wishing on a Shooting Star
With Upon a Star
Wonderful Tonight
World of Enchantment
Written in the Stars
You’ll be in my Heart
The Zoo

We encourage you to add your Prom Theme suggestions below to offer your
Prom Planning Help to other Prom Committees.

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