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Tight Entertainment Budget

We understand that
everyone has a budget.


We also understand that
budgets and priorities
don’t always
compliment each other.


There is a lot of truth behind the saying go…, “Champagne tastes on a beer budget!”

Well…nobody wants to hire a lousy DJ but many do because they don’t understand how to value experience or quality.

We’ve developed the “Make US an Offer” program.

Here’s how it works!

Step 1) Look over our Pricing and Packages via this link:

             DJ Price & Rate Packages

Step 2) Submit Your Best Offer for the Package you would like:

Step 3) Your offer will either be:

             a) declined
             b) considered
             c) accepted

All performance dates are a perishable calendar inventory.

If your offer enters our consideration phase, you will be
required to submit an earnest retainer to validate your offer.

Your event date and offer may be outbid by another offer
or booked by a client selecting one of our entertainment Packages
and your event date may become unavailable.

Unless you receive a contract for your event date,
your event date may not be confirmed until
14 days prior to the event date.

If we are unable to provide services to you from our
calendar inventory your earnest retainer will be returned
less any operational costs, if any.

If we are able to provide services to you from our calendar inventory,
but in the interim you select another entertainer for your event,
you will forfeit your earnest retainer money.


You need to make an important decision!

Do you want to “Make an Offer” and wait until
14 days prior to your event for savings?


Do you want to select one of our Packages
and ensure you get the peace of mind knowing
you’ve hired quality and experience that is ready to serve your needs?


Background Music
Start: End:

Dance Hours:
Start: End:

Desired Package:

- I understand that if my offer is considered
I will be required to submit an earnest retainer
to validate my offer -AND- that my offer
may not be accepted until
-AND- that my event is NOT BOOKED
until I receive a contract for my event date.


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