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Key Tips To Protect Yourself

Can I Trust That You Care?

Can I Trust That You Care?

1: Don’t Sign an Assumed Contract.

An assumed contract is a contract sent to you without your consent. Some companies rely on assumed contracts to fill their calendars & the bridal party unwittingly signs a contract with the wrong company.

2: Don’t Sign a Contract That Attempts to Re-Assign Your Rights As a Customer.

Contracts of this nature attempt to make you the employer and take away your rights as a customer.   This is a deceptive practice potentially making you responsible for Taxes, Workers Compensation & Unemployment Insurance.

3: When You’ve Made Your Decision on Whom to Hire, Contact Them Immediately.

Dates are perishable. Keep in mind other event planners may want your event date as well. Make sure you contact your entertainment immediately to assure that you will not have to settle for second best or be without entertainment for your event.

4: Be Extremely Cautious of “Re-Branded” Companies.

A Re-Branded company is one that’s changed its name. In the Entertainment Industry your Trade Name or Company Name is your lifeblood. It is associated with your reputation and how people know who you are and what you are worth. Re-Branding, in many cases, is done to cover up a history of poor customer service or a lack of talent.

5: It’s Best to Hire Your Entertainment As Early As Possible.

Hiring quality entertainment is best done 12-18 months prior to your event.

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