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Is My Date Available

Online DJ Availability Checker

Be sure and check to see if your DJ and DATE is available.

Is My Date Available?

HINT: Event Dates are Perishable! They cannot be re-used and are only available until they are booked.

Most Event Planners that are looking for the same date availability as your event date will be looking around the same time you are.

There are several stages that people go through when planning an event before they can decide on a date. The first and foremost detail is to check party event date availability.

This can be a difficult task to undertake due to the number of phone calls and emails that need to be made in order to date check and gather the vital event information you need to make a well informed decision. Keep in mind, it can be frustrating to lose an available date from the DJ calendar you are considering to another party planner that makes a commitment and secures their event before you make your entertainment choice.

Although many DJs have begun to use a DJ availability calendar online date checker to allow potential customers to check date availability. The date & availability checker must be actively maintained to ensure that your event date is accurately reflected.

BE CAUTIOUS about entering information into every date availability checker you run across. Most availability checkers allow you to enter a date into a date checker, which brings you to another screen that requests more sales information, which may bring you to another screen in an attempt to gather information that the company may use to avoid you or potentially pester you with email promotions…or worse, sell your information to a third party.

There are only 3 basic pieces of information necessary to check availability:

Desired Event Date (without this, nothing else matters)
Event Type (does this DJ handle this type of event)
Contact Information (for reply)

Phone (optional)

Engaged couples simply want to know “is my wedding date available or not available”? If so, “what does your experience offer me”, “is my DJ available” and “how do I book this date”?

Whether you need to check wedding dates, check prom dates, check school dance dates, check holiday party dates or check corporate event dates…an online bookings calendar can offer you the insight you need to move forward with your event planning.

Here is the most simply way to check your date:

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