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Instant DJ Price Checker

How much does a wedding DJ cost? Use our handy Instant DJ Price Checker to get an instant wedding DJ rate quote within two clicks.

Here’s the best part! You don’t have to create an account to view our pricing.

Click 1: How long will your wedding dance be?

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Your first question shouldn’t be: How much do you charge?

It should be: Are you available for my wedding date?

If the DJ calendar is full, Wedding DJ price doesn’t matter, time to move on.

However, we understand everyone is working with a wedding budget.

Wedding planning can be a hassle; calling countless wedding djs, perusing DJ websites trying to figure out the average cost of a Wedding DJ.

Wedding Tip:

When shopping for a wedding DJ and advice on price, remember, DJs charge a rate that reflects their quality and quote rates that reflect their time and services invoved based on their experience.

You can’t be the best, if you’re cheaper than the rest!

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