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High School Homecoming

HS Homecoming Touchdown!

HS Homecoming Touchdown!

Homecoming alumni revel in the memories of their home coming while new memories and well wishes are being captured for this years yearbook.

Whether it’s East meets West or North meets South, Homecomings are an American tradition that welcome former alumni, friends and residents back home in a reunion to rally the home team grid iron warriors to victory. The scents and crispness of the autumn air, the homecoming posters, the teenagers revved up on energy drinks , can be a bitter-sweet backdrop and milestone for senior students that know this is their last homecoming before graduation and that high school prom is only a few short months away.

The Homecoming tradition is the foundation that binds high schools together. Homecoming week can include many fun filled activities like kickoff pep rallies, dress-up days & wild homecoming hair style, school competitions, pie eating contest, talent shows, school bonfires, the homecoming parade, rousing homecoming music played by the marching band, tailgate picnics, the “Big Homecoming Game” on homecoming weekend followed by homecoming dances and the crowning of the Homecoming Queen and King and the homecoming court.

HS Homecoming dances can be casual or formal. Whether it’s jeans & t-shirts or formal dresses and tuxes…selecting the right dance DJ for the Homecoming dance is important.

Economy Package - Basic High School System

Economy Package - Basic High School System

There’s a lot of work and fervor that goes into homecoming themes…so there’s no reason for the fun to end when your homecoming DJ music begins.

Choosing the right hairstyles and gowns for your homecoming date can be just as important as choosing the right DJ and homecoming song for the homecoming dance.

Need a DJ for Homecoming? Dude Walker’s Music On Wheels has the right DJ mix and energy to help you have fun. We can DJ cheap with our Economy Package or step things up to our concert level video club system DJ party with the hottest DJ remix. We customize our shows to meet your Disc Jockey needs and entertainment budget.

Dude Walker’s Music On Wheels is the perfect DJ for dances when quality matters.

Step Up Your Homecoming Party With Our
Concert Level High School Homecoming Video Club System


Concert Level High School Homecoming Video Club System

We offer Homecoming DJ service in:

ND – North Dakota
MN – Minnesota
SD – South Dakota
MT – Montana
WY – Wyoming

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