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Don’t All DJ’s Press Play The Same Way?

Don't All DJ's Press Play The Same Way?

Don't All DJ's Press Play The Same Way?

A major obstacle and misconception facing most Wedding & Event planners is understanding how unique each DJ is…and how to compare DJ skills, experience and talent into a fair price.

Planning a wedding on a budget can lead unwary wedding planners into assuming that all DJs are basically equal.   This is the first mistake people need to avoid when they begin their DJ search.  The second mistake is focusing solely on price…which seals the fate of events everyday.

Example: Comparing a First Grader, Senior in High School and someone earning their College Masters Degree as equally qualified “students” would be a rather obvious lapse in common sense. Their knowledge, experience, abilities and responsibilities vary greatly and relate directly to value.

Apply the same comparison to DJs and it becomes easier to understand how different DJ’s really are. This is why taking an active role in determining how competent the DJ’s you’re considering, as opposed to how cheaply they can be attained, is so important and ultimately plays a vital role in the overall success of your event.

Meeting potential DJs in person BEFORE you sign a contract which can help you avoid choosing an inexperienced under-priced DJ that could potentially ruin your special day.

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