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SD Tax License

SD Tax License

SD State Law requires that any person or business, including Disc Jockeys, are responsible for paying the sales tax to the state.

Minnesota State Statute 333.01

Minnesota State Statute 333.01 COMMERCIAL ASSUMED NAMES Subdivision 1. Certificate.  – No person shall hereafter carry on or conduct or transact a commercial business in this state under any designation, name, or style, which does not set forth the true name of every person interested in such business unless such person shall file in the […]

NDCC 47-25-02

North Dakota Century Code CHAPTER 47-25 TRADE NAMES 47-25-02. Trade name – Registration – Statement – Contents. A person or organization may not engage in business in this state under a trade name until the trade name is registered with the secretary of state. This section does not apply to partnerships that have filed a […]