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Carrington ND Wedding DJ Packages and Pricing

Wedding DJ Rates, Packages and Pricing Carrington ND 

Wedding DJ Packages
Pricing for Carrington, ND


There is simply NO “one price fits all” option when considering the multitude of wedding entertainment options available to wedding planners. Planning your Carrington, ND wedding can be a time consuming task.

How much does a wedding DJ cost? Use our handy Instant DJ Price Checker to get an instant wedding DJ rate quote within two clicks.

Here’s the best part! You don’t have to create an account to view our pricing.

Click 1: How long will your wedding dance be?

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Dude Walker’s Music On Wheels Carrington Wedding DJs can help you take the guesswork out of finding the right Disc Jockey / Emcee for your event, assuring that you can stay within your wedding budget.

Whether you need wedding song suggestions, wedding dinner music or special wedding reception lighting decor, we take the time that is necessary and meet with you to customize your event. We’ll help you avoid your guests thinking that you’ve planned a cheap wedding.

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