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Best of Local City State National Awards

Best of Local City State National Awards - Recognizing and Honoring The Best of Business

Recognizing and Honoring The Best DJ Business in the Upper-Midwest.

Did You Really Earn Your “Best of Title” or “Award”?

Hint: Most “Best of Title” or “Awards” are scams used to embellish the value of inferior products or services. Also included in these scams can be popularity polls sponsored by local media where unknown entities solicit friends to vote early and often to receive awards they’ve not earned through years of experience.

DJ’s that promote their “Best of Awards” as the main reason to hire their DJ service are indirectly telling you how poor their performance really is. It’s far easier to show off a “paid for award” than to invest time into continuing education to improve your craft and performance.

Truly competent and accomplished DJ performers will lead with their experience and offer examples of how it can benefit you!

The Rapid City Journal, Rapid City, SD summed up dubious awards the best.

“These kinds of awards lend doubt to the legitimate ones,” she said.
“I just feel bad that there are people out there who do this, that, then cause that distrust.”

According to the Better Business Bureau “Vanity Awards” is one area among others to exercise caution.

Specifically mentioned Scam Awards are:

US Local Business Association

Who’s Who

Here is a list of other resources denoting the false claims inferred by “Vanity Awards”.

Daily Finance
FM Chamber
Iowa BBB
My West Texas
Publishers Weekly
Rapid City Journal
Responsible Marketing – Vanity Scams
Responsible Marketing – Awards for Sale
Tuscon Citizen

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