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Bakke Bulletin Board

This Is The Community Bulletin Board For Bakke (sub),
Pleasant Township, Cass County ND

Bakke Elevation Map [ 4 meg file ]

Snow Water Equivalent Records 2009 vs 2010

Code RED Link
Click HERE to Receive Emergency Alerts in the Event of an Emergency

Bakke Community Official Point of Contact

Primary: Dennis Biewer
Alternate 1: Jim Schlieman
Alternate 2: Marcus Larson [ email: ]

2010 Flood Bakke Block Captains

Block Captains are your point of contact for information during a disaster or emergency event and your point of contact for planning, mititgation, resonse and recovery. Block Captains are volunteering on your behalf to assist in the security of the Bakke community.

Block 1 – South West Bakke

Block Captains:

Marcus Larson
Mike Bice


Frusciante, John & Shyla
Granlund, Royce & Noreen
Hoaas, Kevin
Holzhey, Ray & Judy
Johnson, Mitch & Dawn
Schlieman, Jim & Callie
Settelmeyer, Joel & Camille
Sollum, Dennis & Sue
Zens, David & Brenda

Block 2 – South East Bakke

Block Captains:

Matt & Cindy Quibell
Curt & Joan Bjertness


Brakke, Mike & Rebecca
Browning, Paul
Covell, Donald & Linda
Hager, Jon & Marcy
Halverson, Scott & Sheila
Iverson, Lonni
Mahar, David & Kay
Nettestad, Brian & Jayme
Schultz, Fred & LeeAnn
Staton, Chad & Joy

Block 3 – West Central Bakke

Block Captains:

Kent Buhr
Darrin Fitch


Baker, Pat & Maria | 315 Elm St
Bakke, Vance & Kelley
Biewer, Dennis & Stacey
Jungberg, Craig & Colette
Kotchian, Roger & Brenda
Lingen, Doug & Teri
Peterson, Matt & Donna
Plecity, Paige
Reinke, Pat
Roesler, Neal & Lorie

Block 4 – East Central Bakke

Block Captains:

Jim Huesman


Carlson, Loretta
Christensen, Gregg & Cynthia
Cossette, Don & Laureen
Guderjahn, Pattie
Hanson, David
Lingen, Curt & Kathleen
Parton, Chad & Janet
Quick, Joan
Rugroden, Dan & Sally
Schwartzwalter, Chad & Aimee
Sturma, Kris & Tracy

Block 5 – North Bakke

Block Captains:

David & Tanya Harmon
Mark Waltz


Altendorf, Wayde & Tammy
Bakke, Elroy & Ina
Binek, Ryan & Nicholle
Cossette, Gary & Jan
Haugrud, James & Peggy
Houska, Richard & Kristi
Lange, Chris & Molly
Miller, Todd & Nancy
Miller, Todd & Jackie

Choose a Topic:

[ Fargo – Moorhead Flood Feasibility Website ]

[ Fargo – Moorhead Flood Feasibilty Study ] Oct 20th – 21st, 2009 Presentation Notes


[ Shoot Mosquito to Enter Bakke NoSkeeters ]


Bakke NoSkeeters

Bakke NoSkeeters

Agenda: Establishing Disaster Communication Network & Flood Plan of Action

SE Cass will be available to answer questions.

One Response to “ Bakke Bulletin Board ”

  1. — On Fri, 2/12/10, Bauer, Shannon L MVP wrote:

    From: Bauer, Shannon L MVP
    Subject: Corps to begin early drawdown of Lake Traverse Feb. 16
    Date: Friday, February 12, 2010, 8:27 AM
    Feb. 12, 2010
    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
    St. Paul District
    Shannon Bauer: 651-290-5108, 612-840-9453,

    Corps to begin early drawdown of Lake Traverse Feb. 16

    ST. PAUL, MINN. – Normally the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Paul
    District, begins drawing down Lake Traverse on March 1, however, due to
    excessive fall and winter moisture in the Red River of the North river basin
    drawdown will begin early. Drawdown at Orwell Lake will begin according to
    established schedule on March 1.

    Air and ground reconnaissance completed by the National Weather Service,
    Corps of Engineers and local cooperators indicate a basin wide snow-water
    equivalent of more than 3 inches in the Lake Traverse basin. As such, the
    Corps of Engineers will drawdown the reservoir to a Category II drawdown of
    974.5 feet by the end of March, starting Feb. 16. The lake is presently at an
    elevation of 976.7 feet. Outflows from Lake Traverse will be passed through
    Mud Lake and down the Bois de Sioux River.

    Outflows at White Rock Dam will be increased to 400 cfs on Tuesday, Feb. 16.
    March 1, outflows will be increased to 1,100 cfs as per normal drawdown. Due
    to increased water flows on the Bois de Sioux River, ice conditions could
    deteriorate and become unsafe as far downstream as Wahpeton, N.D., and
    Breckenridge, Minn. Fisherman and snowmobilers should be cautious. Remember,
    there is no such thing as 100 percent safe ice on any water body.

    Reconnaissance also indicates a basin wide snow-water equivalent of more than
    3 inches in the Orwell Lake basin. As such, the Corps of Engineers will
    drawdown Orwell to a Category II drawdown level of 1,050 feet by the end of
    March, starting March 1. The lake is presently at an elevation of 1,064.1
    feet. Discharges from Orwell are presently at 750 cfs and will be increased
    beginning March 1 to accomplish this drawdown.

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Paul District, serves the American
    public in the areas of environmental enhancement, navigation, flood damage
    reduction, water and wetlands regulation, recreation sites and disaster
    response. It contributes around $175 million to the five-state district
    economy. The more than 638 employees work at more than 40 sites in five
    upper-Midwest states. For more information, see


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