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3 Essential Tips in Hiring A Wedding DJ or Band

Essential Wedding Tips []
Wedding DJs, Bands and wedding themes come in all shape & sizes.

Abilities, credentials and actual experience are directly related to whether or not your wedding reception will be a successful, well planned, family oriented event.

During the selection process you’ll discover Wedding DJs and Bands that range from timid to theatrical.

Understanding the “differences” between entertainers and how to plan a wedding is your responsibility when you serve as your own wedding planner.

Making the best informed choice can begin by visiting a good wedding website, picking up an informative wedding magazine or finding a useful wedding guide. You need to feel confident, when planning a wedding reception, that your DJ or Band entertainment won’t make it look like you planned a cheap wedding…whether or not you are working with a small wedding budget to keep your wedding affordable.

Hiring a Wedding DJ or band to fit your wedding theme can be simplified by applying 3 Essential Wedding Tips in your selection process.

KNOW – Your DJ or Band

LIKE – Your DJ or Band

TRUST – Your DJ or Band

KNOWING YOUR DJ or Band; requires involvement and interest on your part to discover experience, behavior and traits that will compliment you, your wedding guest list and your great wedding ideas.

What do you really know about your DJ or Band?
Does your DJ or Band have good wedding etiquette?
Has your DJ or Band performed several successful wedding receptions?
Does your DJ or Band possess good wedding planning skills?
Does your DJ or Band work well with other wedding services?


Ask questions that require more than simple yes or no answers. Try to discover whether you have things in common with your DJ or Band that can establish a positive working chemistry to benefit you and your wedding program.

LIKING YOUR DJ or Band; is essential in fostering a successful wedding plan. One of the most common mistakes people make is to focus on finding cheap wedding ideas or the lowest price rather than taking the time to discover the greatest value for the dollar. Liking your DJ or Band has less to do with price and more to do with what your DJ or Band is capable of handling for you on your behalf so that you many enjoy your wedding day. Assuming that your DJ or Band will provide a service, skill or item will almost always lead to resentment for all parties involved. You should always have a level of comfort to be able to ask questions or whether or not something is included. Most Professional Disc Jockeys or Bands are willing to go the extra mile if they are given the opportunity to cover costs incurred on your behalf.

TRUSTING YOUR DJ or Band; should be the basis of your entire entertainment decision BEFORE you book your Disc Jockey or Band. Trust creates a safe environment to allow you to reveal to your DJ or Band who you really are and what your “wedding picture” is along with your unique wedding ideas to keep your wedding planning timeline on target. Your DJ or Band has to get to know the real you and your wedding plans to properly assist in keeping your guests feeling invited. Trust opens the door to honest communication in wedding planning. You can’t communicate honestly if you’re always second-guessing how your DJ or Band will react to your creative wedding ideas, wedding songs or whether they try to change your wedding plans to fit their agenda.

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  1. These are some great tips for hiring a DJ. I like how you mentioned getting to know the DJ you want to hire. When my fiance and I start planning for that step, I’ll be sure to have plenty of questions ready to ask!

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